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Saturday, 11 December 2010

End of the tour!

Triaxis and Kobra and the Lotus on the final night of the UK Tour

Well, what fun it's been.

We didn't get to see or do much in the way of touristy things on this tour but, boy, did we put the milage on the cars. Giles and I drove the cars with rest of band and gear for just under 2500 miles during the course of 14 days on tour. Tiring, yes, but what fun. :D

The fun is evident in the daily videos that Owen slaved over each day. Bringing an inside view on the fun and frolics of this erstwhile five some. It really was an experience and a half and the Kobra and the Lotus bunch were just a joy to work with. There was much fun and camaraderie. Everyone pitched in with load in and take down and Monty Python was quoted over and over! Ni!

Many lessons were learned along the way, including how worthwhile it was to go overboard on the promotion ourselves and not rely on venues or promoters alone. We discovered new fans, new friends, cemented working relationships with all the bands we were fortunate to share the stage with and above all enjoyed every step of it (even driving in snow). We loved it so much that as soon as we were home, we started looking at putting together the next possible tour... even looking at flights to Canada! Well why not innit? ;)

So, just before I slope off to get ready for our last gig of 2010, a quick thanks to everyone who came to make the tour the success it was. Thanks to all those who put us up over the course of the tour and to Susan and the Kobra and the Lotus crew (Brittany, Chris, Griffin, Pat and Brian) for two weeks of good fun and memories.

See you all in 2011. Have a great Festive Season and a Happy New Year - let's make 2011 the best yet!


Triaxis with Hornet and family on the UK Tour Nov 2010