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Thursday, 22 September 2011

At the Studio

Morning my lovelies.

Well it's day 6 and we're up in the wilds of Mid Wales recording the follow up to Key to The Kingdom. Giles has been an absolute legend and put all his drums down in pretty much 2 days.  The man is a drumming machine.

So we're up at Foel Studios where the likes of Napalm Death, Primordial, Electric Wizard, Dub War, My Bloody Valentine and many other have recorded. We've entrusted our baby into the very capable hands of Chris Fielding and we're all relaxing and kicking back between sessions.  Fair dues to Chris, he works tirelessly at getting everything just right. We're just waiting for the drum edits to be completed and then it's guitars and bass interspersed with vocals.  It's all going well so far :)

Here are a few snaps of the studio and where we are staying to tickle your taste buds.  I promise to blog a bit more from the studio and keep you all updated.  The studio has five cats, of which we've met 3, Troubles (pictured here) Mr Cuddles and Bungle (i think is the other one, one the most forlorn looking cat I've ever seen).

The view from the front of the house is stunning, and we've all be taking walks/or are intending to take walks in the surrounding area.  Unfortunately the weather is against us most days and the breaks in the rain and wind are few.  But we are getting out and about between recording sessions.

 The accommodation is lovely, a farming cottage that is cosy and has plenty of rooms for all of us.  We've brought our computers and the Wii so that we have plenty of entertainment while tracks are recorded in the studio and there is a pool table too.

The studio is separate and housed in the converted barn.  It has two recording rooms and the control room is up a stairs overlooking both rooms.
 Chris at work on recording the drum tracks.  Glyn and Owen have been geeking out over the desk and all the paraphernalia that comes with a fully working studio.  I believe they are in geek heaven at the moment, bless 'em.
There will be more pictures I'm sure but for now I'll leave you with our very hard working drummer taking a well earned rest after being a demon on the drums.  Great work G!