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Saturday, 11 December 2010

End of the tour!

Triaxis and Kobra and the Lotus on the final night of the UK Tour

Well, what fun it's been.

We didn't get to see or do much in the way of touristy things on this tour but, boy, did we put the milage on the cars. Giles and I drove the cars with rest of band and gear for just under 2500 miles during the course of 14 days on tour. Tiring, yes, but what fun. :D

The fun is evident in the daily videos that Owen slaved over each day. Bringing an inside view on the fun and frolics of this erstwhile five some. It really was an experience and a half and the Kobra and the Lotus bunch were just a joy to work with. There was much fun and camaraderie. Everyone pitched in with load in and take down and Monty Python was quoted over and over! Ni!

Many lessons were learned along the way, including how worthwhile it was to go overboard on the promotion ourselves and not rely on venues or promoters alone. We discovered new fans, new friends, cemented working relationships with all the bands we were fortunate to share the stage with and above all enjoyed every step of it (even driving in snow). We loved it so much that as soon as we were home, we started looking at putting together the next possible tour... even looking at flights to Canada! Well why not innit? ;)

So, just before I slope off to get ready for our last gig of 2010, a quick thanks to everyone who came to make the tour the success it was. Thanks to all those who put us up over the course of the tour and to Susan and the Kobra and the Lotus crew (Brittany, Chris, Griffin, Pat and Brian) for two weeks of good fun and memories.

See you all in 2011. Have a great Festive Season and a Happy New Year - let's make 2011 the best yet!


Triaxis with Hornet and family on the UK Tour Nov 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ta-ra the noo!

Last Thursday the clan (the affectionate and correct term for my husband's Scottish side of the family) had the sad news that Elizabeth 'Granny Mac' McCubbin had passed away unexpectedly.

Granny Mac had only been ill for a few days and her decline was rapid. We should be very grateful for small mercies I suppose. But still the news came as a shock. As I write this Gav, and his eldest brother Clive, are driving to Ayr to attend Granny's funeral tomorrow. So I thought I would take this time to write my farewells as I can't be there to support my husband's family at the passing of the clan matriarch.

Granny was an amazing women, 96 years old and head of the family, she never once forgot a birthday or anniversary for any of her 6 children, their spouses, her umpteen grandchildren and their spouses, and great grandkids..... you get the idea, her birthday notebook was full ;). Her family is sprawled everywhere, from all over Scotland to Canada and over in Oz, Granny kept in touch with everyone, she truly was the centre of the clan.

To give an idea of how truly extraordinary Granny was, I'm reminded of when she had the new carpet fitted in the dinning room of Four Acres, the bungalow the boy's built for her on what was the old pig run on the family farm. Now to any person having a carpet fitted means having to ensure that all the furniture is moved and the area ready for the fitters and if you are say 93 years old (as Granny was at the time) you might wait for the kids to come and do that for you. However, Granny being Gran didn't see the point in waiting and was never one to bother others to do what she could do herself.

I remember Gav and I arriving at Four Acres only a day or so after the new carpet had been fitted, it was in the summer and Gav and I had gone up in the middle of August as his parents hadn't long returned from living abroad. Out the side door were these wonderfully exact bundles tied off with a bit of string. On closer inspection they appeared to be bundles of carpet, rolled up neatly and tied so that they didn't fall open and make a mess out by the garage.

Granny had cut the carpet into strips in situ, then carefully rolled each section up lifting each table leg of her heavy pine table, in turn, just enough to squeeze the carpet out, tied them up and had simply but effectively cleared the space for the fitters. All they had to do was remove the table and fit the new carpet. 93 and taking up carpets!

But that was Granny. She was a farmer's wife with a very practical nature, an amazing talent for home baking and a huge heart.

The world is a little less bright without her but I'm grateful that I got to know her and privileged that she allowed me to call her Gran.

While I can't be there tomorrow, my love and thoughts are with all the clan and a candle will burn in her honour.

Rest well Granny Mac, and in your own words....

Ta-ra the noo.


(Thanks to my cousin Alex McCubbin for use of the photo)

Monday, 13 September 2010

New guitarist and tour

Hello my lovelies,

As I guessed, I've hardly logged in or blogged, which is shameful really. But I think it's time to change that.

So news from the Triaxis camp, as you'll have probably seen we've got a new guitarist in the form of the fantastic Mr Glyn Williams (Firax, Fury of the Waters). If you've not see the press release, where the heck have you been hiding? ;) Glyn has been known to us for a while and some of you you may have seen his band Fury of the Waters at Hammerfest II last March.

Also Triaxis have been announced as the main support for the upcoming UK tour by Kobra and the Lotus. We'll be on the road for 8 gigs between Nov 19th and Dec 2nd.Please check the myspace for the complete listing . Add to this the Femme Metal Records Halloween Party and a Mini Metal fest in Newport in Decemeber and you can see that we haven't been resting on our laurels.

So we're back in the studio rehearsing, we're writing new tracks (the guys are coming out with some awesome hooks and riffs, I just need to give them worthy lyrics.... no pressure eh?) and we're going to be sorting out a full new set of promo pics in the next few weeks or so.

Busy busy, just the way I like it.

Till next time,


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

So what is this blogging all about then?

Well, hello :)

It was suggested that I should start a blog, something that is more accessible than my myspace page or my facebook account. Somewhere those of you who are interested in what this old bird has to say, can happily while away a few seconds of your time and either nod in agreement, or leave a strongly worded protestation on the fact that I seem to be talking a pile of horse shit. The later will not bother me in the slightest. If you take offense, well tough! It is just my opinion and I'm not asking you to adopt it.

So, umm, here it is. Apparently I can whitter away about anything that takes my fancy and you, dear reader, may choose to read and comment, or not as the case my be. Either way, it's all about sharing... supposedly.

So in the weeks, months, years to come I will be sharing with you my observations on pretty much anything. It will most often be about those things that take up most of my time, Triaxis, homelife, keeping fit, going to gigs etc, and the usual things that niggle at us human beings. I will also add in the odd review of a film or book, possibly even throw up a little lyric verse here and there, who knows? The possibilities are endless.