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Here in lie the thoughts and ramblings of a 30-something singer and writer, who has some very strong opinions on most things (that you may or may not agree with). Here I will probably whitter away regarding the inane and pointless, but sometimes there may be the odd flicker of something insightful although to be honest that will probably be very rare. Feel free to comment and question, but as always...

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

So what is this blogging all about then?

Well, hello :)

It was suggested that I should start a blog, something that is more accessible than my myspace page or my facebook account. Somewhere those of you who are interested in what this old bird has to say, can happily while away a few seconds of your time and either nod in agreement, or leave a strongly worded protestation on the fact that I seem to be talking a pile of horse shit. The later will not bother me in the slightest. If you take offense, well tough! It is just my opinion and I'm not asking you to adopt it.

So, umm, here it is. Apparently I can whitter away about anything that takes my fancy and you, dear reader, may choose to read and comment, or not as the case my be. Either way, it's all about sharing... supposedly.

So in the weeks, months, years to come I will be sharing with you my observations on pretty much anything. It will most often be about those things that take up most of my time, Triaxis, homelife, keeping fit, going to gigs etc, and the usual things that niggle at us human beings. I will also add in the odd review of a film or book, possibly even throw up a little lyric verse here and there, who knows? The possibilities are endless.


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