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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Some days are tougher than others

Isn't that so very true. Today is a prime example. Lots of meetings this morning in work and the feeling that I'm hitting my head on a brickwall, coupled with the impression that of late, I appear to be inept at communicating how I truly feel/want to say/think etc.

It's at times like this that I could happily just curl up under my duvet and not come out into the bright, bustling world and happily let the depression take over. How very melodramatic of me, eh? But that is exactly how I feel. You will hear many women say 'Oh my hormones are at it again' and they will be right. This modern day of pills for this and potions for that, coupled with food that takes 2 mins from wrapper to hot in a microwave (or chicken ding as my beloved Grampa called it), is it any wonder that large men have boobs and women are depressed to Hades? Our hormones are bombarded with extra portions of their own selves on a daily basis. You'll find I'm an advocate of organic foods and processed rubbish is a no no in my house. I've become so fixated by this that I'm writing another blog about it. I'll add a link here when it's live :)

But soldier on we must and battle through the lows to regain the highs that keep us smiling. And so to the gym, I once again venture even though I have no motivitaion or inclination to attend. But force myself I shall and I know that it will release the endorphines that will have me fighting fit with another smile on my face in the morning. Add to that a night reading books on confidence etc and how can I possibly not be anything other than a bright ray of sunshine? Yes I too suffer with confidence issues, as hard as you may find that to believe.

Afterall we weren't born depressed or negative. We habitualised those traits until they become the norm, we allow society to dictate how we see ourselves and how others should see us. So why not reverse the trend and habitualise a positive outlook? Why not gain a self image that you are happy with? Easier said than done, I know only too well. But that's what I'm doing. I'll let you know how it goes.... after I've crawled out from under my duvet ;)


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