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Monday, 21 March 2011


Well that was fun! No, seriously. We had the most fun this past weekend at Pontins Prestatyn for the third installment of Hammerfest.... Roma victa. I was tempted to start talking to those in Roman atire in Latin, but I don't think they would have got the joke ;)

So we all rocked up around about two in the afternoon, unpacked, got ourselves some food and then headed to the third stage to check in with Peter, our stage manager, and the event crew. I have to say we had the nicest people again crewing for us, very helpful, very chatty and always stopped for a chin wag through the rest of the weekend. We got ourselves set up and ready to roll, but first a DJ and Dirty Rose. In the meantime various friendly faces and twitter pals had started to turn up and much screaming of 'oh my god, hello lovely, hello darling' was heard, mainly from Owen.

6:10pm came very quickly and we were all set up to take the stage and kick things off a little early. The set went well apart from a few minor hiccoughs.

Glyn lost all power to his amp and when the power returned it set it back to clean. So after a little jiggery pokery he got it back to distortion and blistered his way through the Lies solo. My mic receiver got knocked and it decided to change channel... thankfully at the end of a song. So reverted to a lead mic for the remainder of the set. How I didn't trip over the lead, or trip anyone else up I'll never know.

As it turned out, the band that were headlining stage 3 that night didn't turn up, so we were asked to pad out and extend our set if we could. So, in true Triaxis style, that's exactly what we did. We threw in a cover of The Wickerman which had the entire crowd singing the chorus back to us, and we finished with Aurora (which as it turned out was the favourite of a number of people). The pub area was absolutely heaving and the feedback that we had after our set was very positive. All in all, we were very happy with how the set had gone.

The rest of the weekend was a hoot. Catching up with old friends and making new ones, seeing bands that we enjoy and spending time with some of them. Yep I think Hammerfest was a good weekend overall.

Now to shift this thick throat that I have developed (touch wood it's not tonsillitis) and time to carry on writing and preparing for the next gig... April 9th in Liecester.


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