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Friday, 25 March 2011

Something is a changing!

So after a fantastic weekend at Hammeredfest, I came away feeling uplifted and happy with everything. Then the post festival blues hit on Sunday and I had a sudden moment of 'oh, I'm sad now'. It happens after you spend a weekend enjoying yourself with fantastic people. But you soon realise that it won't be long until the next fantastic weekend and you get to see some, if not most of those people again soon, so no need to be sad.

However, when the sadness hit it didn't come alone. Oh no, it brought post festival lurgi with it too, or actually in my case, a form of tonsillitis. Now the daft thing here is, technically it's not tonsillitis but the Doc said that it's the closest approximation he can make for self inflicted swollen tonsils with vocal strain and the remnants of a cold I thought had past! I don't do things by half, eh?

Upshot is, I got horrendously drunk on the Friday of the festival. Not something I'm proud of as I always make a complete tit of myself when drunk. We had attended a friends chalet for their 'Power Ballads Party' and once the songs started I, in my inebriated state, simply had to outdo everyone in earshot and across the Dee in vocal loudness. Needless to say that will be how I got the vocal strain. The hangover the next morning was not nice in the slightest, and probably aided in swelling the tonsils. But it was all my own doing, so I'm not looking for sympathy, far from it. In fact please do tell me off as it was very stupid.

So I am banned from singing until no earlier than this Sunday and then only quietly so I can write lyrics. Otherwise I have to rest until Monday and then ease myself back in to ensure the chords have had adequate recuperation... I'm such a div! So the long, and short of it is, I can't be doing that to my voice and it is probable that if I get tipsy/drunk/gazeeboed (thanks Michael McIntyre for the last one) again I'll end up doing the same thing as I'm a competitive sod and stupid to boot.

So, dearest reader, I'm going teetotal. Yep, that's right, you read it correctly I'm giving up alcohol completely. And it scares the bejesus out of me, but here we go. The way I see it is this, most musicians don't throw their instruments around and soak the in mildly acidic fermented products that strip them of things they need, rendering them useless for a week. So why am I doing that to my instrument? In fact to sing the whole body needs to be looked after as it's the casing the instrument is carted around in. I really should look after it a bit better, don't you think?

So there we have it, I'll let you know how I get on :)


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