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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rediscovering my Yooff!

So after a depressive period during 2010 that forced me to get a grip of myself and discover why I was taking everything so damned personally, I realised that there was one thing utterly missing from my life..... simple childlike fun.

As a hobby I do live action role play. Yes I dress up as an Elf (it use to be a Russian gypsy and before that countless make up hours to obtain the look for a Geisha Orc - don't ask it's a fantasy world and I like it), I run around a scout camp between various tented camps, swig mead in the character tavern and generally have fun. However, I am also staff and a responsible bod at these events so I can't really relax and kick back until time out by which point I just want to sleep.

The band is a source of continuous enjoyment but that too will always come with it's stresses and strains, as does running any business. That said there is more enjoyment than stress where the band is concerned so that is always a bonus. The gym for me is fun but also a means to an end in that it aids on the weight loss and keeping in relatively good health.

However not one of these things constitute as childlike fun. All these things have adult responsibilities attached to them and there in lies the problem. So after chatting to my counsellor (yes I have one of these and I must say it has been the best thing I have ever done), she suggested that I put the fun back in and get on a swing in the playground. Well, having always stated that the family moto is 'I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up', who am I not to take the sage advice of my therapist and put the childlike fun back?

So before Christmas I had the harebrained idea that for my birthday I would like to book a soft play centre. Unfortunately as the idea was late in the day and we had many gigs and the tour to contend with, that idea went on the back burner. But I am booking it this year.... yes 36 and I'm booking a sleepover party in a kids soft play centre. You know the ones with huge slides and climbing frames with all that spongey wipe-clean stuff?

Yes we can take a stereo so we can blast out metal as we act like 10 year olds and as it will be a private booking on their licensed night we can take some beverages.... what's not to love about this idea? Oh and we can sleep over... WIN!

Just after Christmas I received a belated yule present from my hubby.

An adult size space hopper. I had one as a kid and now I recall why I had such toned limbs.... it's hard work but hilarious. I adore it. I use it when I fell a little 'meh' as the kids say today, and get on that bounding up and down the hallway or around the dining room. Immense fun.

The latest thing I have purchased in my rediscovering of my childhood fun are roller-skates. Not these inline jobbies that have been everywhere for the last 20 years but good old fashioned quad wheeled roller boots. In fact these are the pair that I have bought and am waiting delivery of.

They are almost identical to the pair I had when I was 8 years old. Most kids had the skates that you attached to a shoe. Imagine how posh I felt having proper boots like Olivia Neutron Bomb had in Xanadu? (I love that film.. even though it's crass). I adored my roller boots. I lived in the damn things during the summer and when it came time to throw them as they were wrecked they had been superseded by those damned infernal inline skates and quads were a thing of the past. I was gutted.

But now 26+ years on and I own them again.... I can't wait to get down Aberafan beach and make a complete tit of myself on the half-pipe trying to do the tricks I could do as a child. It's going to hurt, it'll be fairly embarrassing but most of all, it'll be heaps of FUN :)


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